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The Fragile Cargo
Times Square you can visit when you are heading over to watch one of the Broadway shows. That is definitely something you do not want to skip over. I watched the Broadway show 'Kinky Boots'. And yes, it was just as interesting as its name. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. I would recommend this show to anyone who is unsure whether they would enjoy a musical. Though it is a musical, it is a very funny, sarcastic and quirky one.
Dev Iyer
12. Broadway (Broadway Street):
Wanna get a taste of New York? Walk up Broadway: start on the south and make your way up north. Perfect people-watching activity.
Gwyneth Hamann
Ankita Misra
Every theater artist dreams to perform at the broadway and similarly, every theater enthusiast wishes to see atleast one show live at broadway. Take out some free time and experience atleast one life changing art drama of any genre you prefer.