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The Brooklyn bridge is a suspension bridge in New York City. It’s a connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Many thanks to Bollywood for making this place so famous. Many films feature this bridge and many more location from New York. You could walk across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and you can witness the spectacular skyline view.
debomita basu
This was my first time in Brooklyn and it seemed to have a different air (or is it vibe?) from Manhattan. It felt more laid-back, more trendy, less formal more ‘chichi’. We walked around some of the neighborhoods including Bedford, a lot of red brick buildings and cool/trendy shops. The Brooklyn Smorgasburg was awesome with sooooo many varieties of food! This happens every weekend when 100s of vendors set shop (we went on a Saturday to the Williamsburg one near East River State Park). You can eat at one of a few tables if you are lucky or the patch of grass flanking the market with a great view of the NY skyline.