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Brooklyn Bridge

It was the Brooklyn Bridge time next. New York offers something or the other to everyone. The culture, the atmosphere, people rushing to get to some place, the number of tourists! It is somewhat difficult to take it all in at once.
Jeune Flaneuse
The Brooklyn Bridge links Manhattan and Brooklyn. The 125 year old bridge stands strong and is one of the iconic structures of the New York skyline. In olden times it was believed that lovers who took vows on the this bridge would be together for the rest of their lives. A number of movie/ TV series shots have been taken on this bridge.ZUCOTTI PARK
Dev Iyer
7. Brooklyn Bridge:
Shakti Chauhan
Now using the NYC Subway head towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk over the famous 1 mile suspension bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This marvelous piece of architecture is more than 130 years old.
Naomi Hammonds
Next up was Brooklyn Bridge. We decided we'd already done enough walking for the day (and again only had limited time) so we opted for the New York Subway. It was surprisingly quiet and easy to navigate! We were given advice to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and then hop on the subway back to the city.