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Central Park

Curiosity Cult
There's no way you can walk the whole park in a short span of time; it's humongous to the say the very least. Given that New York is a crazy and seemingly chaotic city for most of the day, Central Park is easy on the eyes and mind. You're bound to spot a plethora of people here too but what's intriguing is that unlike most of the city which is divided in the "Types of people" you're likely to spot an amalgamation of vicinities of New York coming together to pause amidst the chaos, while tourists like me marvel over the grandeur of this natural setting!
The Fragile Cargo
Central Park is the perfect spot to visit on a clear sunny day. It can be combined with either the Met or the Guggenheim. Although you will have better chances of combining it with the Guggenheim. I t is walking distance from both these museums. Central Park is THE place to pause and relax. Although like Times Square it is a very popular spot, it is large enough for you to find your own space. You can lounge on the grass, explore through the gardens or sit by the lakes and ponds. You could also jog or cycle through the park, if that's more your speed (pun intended). Within Central Park, you should definitely go see the Bethesda Fountain. It is usually quite crowded, so it is a struggle, but you can find a good spot to sit by the fountain and relax.
Khandeparkar Shruti
It contains several man-made ponds and lakes, grassy patches, tennis courts, jogging tracks, cycling tracks, Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and the list goes on. On Sundays, this place is typically packed with people from different walks of life. It’s no surprise to find people jogging in the afternoon. One way to explore this place is to hire a Citi Bike which costs $12 per day and for a 30 minute long trip.
Dev Iyer
5. Central Park (Uptown):
Ankita Borkakoty
|The Lights. The Crowd. The Magic.| I fell in love with the people lined up to buy the broadway show tickets, I fell in love with the majestic billboards that lit the place like heaven. I fell in love with the smell of soft pretzels and honey roasted nuts from the carts on the corner, I fell in love with the limousins which had time to wait for no other. I fell in love with the vibe which was a find as rare as gold. Oh boy! I was all in love with the soul of New York!