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Central Park

The Fragile Cargo
Central Park is the perfect spot to visit on a clear sunny day. It can be combined with either the Met or the Guggenheim. Although you will have better chances of combining it with the Guggenheim. I t is walking distance from both these museums. Central Park is THE place to pause and relax. Although like Times Square it is a very popular spot, it is large enough for you to find your own space. You can lounge on the grass, explore through the gardens or sit by the lakes and ponds. You could also jog or cycle through the park, if that's more your speed (pun intended). Within Central Park, you should definitely go see the Bethesda Fountain. It is usually quite crowded, so it is a struggle, but you can find a good spot to sit by the fountain and relax.
It contains several man-made ponds and lakes, grassy patches, tennis courts, jogging tracks, cycling tracks, Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and the list goes on. On Sundays, this place is typically packed with people from different walks of life. It’s no surprise to find people jogging in the afternoon. One way to explore this place is to hire a Citi Bike which costs $12 per day and for a 30 minute long trip.
Dev Iyer
5. Central Park (Uptown):
Ankita Borkakoty
|The Lights. The Crowd. The Magic.| I fell in love with the people lined up to buy the broadway show tickets, I fell in love with the majestic billboards that lit the place like heaven. I fell in love with the smell of soft pretzels and honey roasted nuts from the carts on the corner, I fell in love with the limousins which had time to wait for no other. I fell in love with the vibe which was a find as rare as gold. Oh boy! I was all in love with the soul of New York!
Ankita Borkakoty
Oh, Skyscrapers! You're more than an eye-candy. You can light up an entire city to life!
debomita basu
Central Park and French Bakeries – While Central Park is not non-touristy, its big enough that you can find something new every time! This time we saw the Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare garden and the Jackie O reservoir. Belvedere castle is a miniature castle with lookout points which provided great view of the park. My favorite discovery though was the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir – this huge reservoir with a jogging track frequented by the likes of Jackie O and Bill Clinton provided an unobstructed view of the skyline around the park. The view keeps changing depending on the time of the day and I definitely intend to come back around sunset!
Rohan Sood
America's first major landscaped public park, a walk around the Central Park is the perfect way to kick start your 3 days in New York. Spread over 843 acres, Central Park offers hundreds of special attractions for explorers; green meadows, sprawling lakes, gardens, unique bridges and classical architecture.Expect tan-hungry locals to take over the area on weekends, alongside Frisbee-throwing bros and guitar sing-alongs. Do not forget to attempt a handstand!
An obvious must-see. Pay attention to the benches: all are dedicated to someone and I spent half a day reading all the dedications. Some of them are real heart-breakers.
Pooja Chaudhary
A perfect picnic spot, one can spend a day walking, jogging, cycling or just doing nothing. Wish i could have got more time to spend there and explore the multiple 'things to do' inside the park
Karthik Rao V
Located right in the heart of the city and deemed as the most visited urban park in the United States, the Central Park is one of those many places that makes New York a great place to live. Housing a vast span of around 800 lush green acres and having beautiful collection of flora and fauna, it is also one of the most filmed locations in the world. It also has a special place dedicated specifically for kids to enjoy around having beautiful slides, swings and climbing areas and is one of the best things to do in NYC.
Ankita Misra
This urban park is an amusement to many in the borough. Designed by the very famous name in Landscape Architecture, Frederick Law Olmstead, Central Park is declared as a National Historic Landmark with perfectly maintained gardens. It has huge chunks of water bodies spread beautiful across different types of gardens and spots of whose one can find notable mentions in many movies and novels.
Central Park is the 843-acre masterpiece of landscape architecture. As one of America's greatest works of art and the nation's first public park, Central Park has become the most famous and beloved urban park in the world. This is a landmark in mew York and a must visit for everyone. Make sure you have enough time in hand to enjoy this park completely.
This is probably the ONLY place I make a point to visit every time I come to New York. It really is one of the most gorgeous parks. Great views from the random rocks.
Magandeep Singh
More interesting than a walk in the park is a walk first through the Apple store which has cult Mac-lovers flocking the glass cube like the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre but here the people seem to know what they are here to see, feel, or buy. But no really, do walk the central park. A serene oasis with verdant settings and winding pathways transport you away from the buzzing metropolis and, if you can get used to the stink from all the horse-pulled carriage taxis (called Hansom, after the English bloke who designed them) then you can even enjoy the wafts of spring in the air.
New York's Central Park is known from the umpteen number of movies it has featured in. One of the most frequently visited and protected open spaces in New York, the Central Park has been declared a National Historic Landmark. Whether it's walking, biking, rollerblading, ice-skating during the winter, taking a boat ride during the summer, or bouncing from play ground to play ground this perfect outdoor sanctuary offers fun for children and adults. Don't forget to visit Central Park Wildlife Center and Children's Zoo