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Charging Bull

Vaibhavi Haria
Charging Bull also called as Wall Street Bull in the Financial District in Manhattan. The oversize sculpture depicts a bull, the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, leaning back on its haunches and with its head lowered as if ready to charge. I was so excited to go to the Financial District after the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.
Shakti Chauhan
After Trinity Church, head south on Broadway towards the bronze bull also known as Charging Bull. People from all over the world have rubbed its horns and testicles for good luck in business and romance, respectively.
Rohan Sood
The Charging Bull is one of the most popular statues in the world and was created by Arturo Di Modica after the 1987 stock market crash. His 7000 pound work represented "the strength, power and hope of the American people for the future."The story goes that the statue was dropped off outside the New York Stock Exchange by the artist in 1989. The police swiftly removed the unwelcomed bull. Soon after, the parks commissioner had it placed in its current spot at the Bowling Green Park. The bull has remained there and has been a huge hit with the public ever since.Get a picture taken standing beside the fierce looking head, climbing on top of the bull, or posing next to the anatomically detailed backside!