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The Fragile Cargo
There isn’t much irony like that of the weather. You could have your whole day planned out and then it rains on your parade, literally. This is what happened to me when I visited New York at the start of May this year. Just my luck that it should be sunny for over a week and then start raining as soon as I land. So my first tip to all readers is to always keep a small pocket umbrella with you while travelling. It’s quite the useful companion. And you also want to have some alternative plans. Mine was to visit this amazing brunch spot in Brooklyn, Westville.I was in New York for about 10 days and we were staying in Brooklyn. For those of you who would be choosing to stay in Manhattan itself, you should definitely make sure to go visit Brooklyn as well. Here I’m just going to be talking about the Brooklyn part of my trip. My second post will cover New York.The most popular attraction of Brooklyn is obviously the Brooklyn Bridge.
Su Bhatnagar
Been an underachiever almost all my life, I have always found solace in travel. There is something about packing your life in a bag and just venture out solo. It gives you some time with your thoughts, away from the chaos, from the familiar faces and also away from the monotony that acts like a ruthless monarch and doesn’t let you explore your creative corners.I dreamed about waking up in my favorite city someday, jumping into the crowd bustling through the busy streets, yellow taxi cabs and walking to work with an espresso. Let me give you some clues, as this exhilarating place definitely deserve a dramatic introduction. A place where you can feel so lonely and so crowded at the same time, where you feel scared and empowered at the same time, where you can lose everything and make your dreams come true at the same time.F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.”Yes, I am talking about the city of Dreams, New York! All my dreams literally came true when I got a chance to travel to Manhattan from Minneapolis (a beautiful town in Minnesota). My excitement fueled with every mile the plane crossed and at last I landed at the John F Kennedy airport on my Birthday eve. I took the Subway for mere fascination and also because that was the cheapest way to reach Manhattan. In 45 minutes I reached midtown Manhattan in mere 10 USD.SOME OF MY FAVORITE SPOTS