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EN Japanese Brasserie

Our favorite “traditional” Japanese restaurant in New York City is En Japanese Brasserie which is located in the West Village. En Japanese Brasserie is the American outpost of several sister restaurants in Japan. This close connection to the restaurant scene in Japan is apparent in the quality and flavor of the food. The West Village space is modern and airy, exactly how we envision a Manhattan restaurant to appear. Although En Japanese Brasserie feels trendy, it does not distract from the food and service which are impeccable. The meal is always visually pleasing and incredibly fresh and tasty. Homemade tofu is the star here. The tofu is prepared six times each day, ensuring exceptional quality. We particularly enjoy the pickled vegetable appetizer and “O-Banzai” or small Kyoto style dishes. If you enjoy sake or Japanese shochu, the selection here is extensive. There are literally pages of the beverage menu dedicated to these uniquely Japanese spirits. If you aren’t sure what to try, no worries! Your server can guide you to the perfect selection, including sake flights. En Japanese Brasserie is a wonderful restaurant for a delectable meal. It will satisfy everyone in your party!