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Korea town in New York has an interesting history starting with a bookstore and a few restaurants and slowly burgeoning into a thriving area with restaurants, bars, karaoke bars, salons and shops. The restaurants and shops in Korea town are not all located on the ground floor making it hard to find places but fascinating to photograph. The place seemed to come alive post midnight with people like us tripping in post bar hopping to dine on kimchi pancakes, watermelon shoju and large soupy hot-pots! Visit Pocha 32 for delicious kimchi pancakes and watermelon shoju. Also lookout for Parisian Baguette which contrary to its names is a Seoul based coffee chain selling coffee, desserts and other savory snacks.And finally eat, eat and eat! – Eating/drinking was a huge part of our vacation. From visiting speakeasy’s to listening to Japanese jazz, eating Mediterranean food to looking for the best burger in town. New on the list of our favorite food though is Ramen – we tried Toto Ramens and we are in love! DO NOT LEAVE NEW YORK WITHOUT TRYING RAMEN!!