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Lombardi's Pizza

Isha Saxena
Lombardi'sThe place where it all began! Lombardi's is the oldest pizzeria in the big apple. In 1905, the owner Gennuardo Lombardi opened New York's very first pizzeria on Spring Street, not far from its current location. Lombardi and his employee Antonio Totonno Pero started making and selling pizzas in their grocery store. And their popularity grew like wildfire. Lombardi's stands strong in Little Italy selling Napolitana pies by the slice. But have also expanded their menu to that of a proper Italian bistro and it is buzzing on the weekends!
Dev Iyer
2. Lombardi
Megan Eileen
Lombardi's was the first Pizzeria in the US and bought the Neapolitan Pizza from Italy to NYC. This place is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. A great place to devour the awesome New Style Pizza and much more. You are on your way to a guilt trip after this. It is one of the best restaurants in New York.