New York City

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This article lists down 20 Best things to do in New York City, Major attractions in New York City and best places to visit in New York. Have a read till the end to go fully prepared to New York and enjoy the city to the fullest. Here is the list of 20 best things to do in New York City or you can say 20 places to visit in New York. If you follow the list, you will not miss anything.It took me 18 years to put a dream into reality and when I did, I did it in style. For me New York was just not New York, it was a check in my bucket list, it was a check in my Father's bucket list for he did not go but he saw the place through my eyes. And now it's my responsibility to ensure that he sees the place too and gets drenched in the magnanimity the city has to offer. New York city is a city of dreams, aspirations and above all- Freedom. Titanic (1997) Fabrizio:I can see the Statue of Liberty already!... Very small, of course. Me (2015) Ditto!The New york city is a buzzing riot, non-stop people, non-stop life. From the alleys of Manhattan to the distant Long Island, there is an air of confidence, fun, work, laughter and belonging. Attractions in New York city are immense. People who belong there are just like people from New Delhi- we guys just love our cities. You can take the Girl out of the City, But you can't take the city out of the Girl. There is a madness that you smell, an addiction to the hustle and bustle and an aura soaked in the motto- Live and Let Live. New York city is addictive.Over a span of 8 days, I walked, talked and breathed the city with my mom. I ran, I hogged, I drank loads of coffee and I smiled, after all I was in NYC. From the Hailing Statue of Liberty to the alive and kicking Central Park, from Chipotle to umpteen Starbucks cappuccinos, from the Trinity Church to the One World Trade Center, I ran pillar to post to feel the city in my every vein. And Oh! I did succeed and compiled this list of Best Places to visit in New York.Here are 20 Best Things to do in New York City1. The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island ferry Tour