Pier 62 at Hudson River Park 1/undefined by Tripoto

Pier 62 at Hudson River Park

The Fragile Cargo
Aboard a boat on the East river, you get to experience the same skyline, but at eye level. There are multiple cruises that offer this experience. I took the Sunset Cruise from Pier 62. Fun story, I had actually booked an earlier cruise that started at 4 p.m. which I conveniently missed. Oops, all because I overshot my shopping time (happens right?). Now an important thing to remember is that these cruises always depart on time. So if you’re late, they WILL sail without you.But there was a silver lining for me here. The cruise staff helped me book the next cruise. What a blessing my shopaholic tendencies turned out to be! For starters, the sunset cruise was a much better experience than the other one would have been. So I recommend all my readers to always book a sunset cruise. It’s the best one there is. You get to see the skyline clearly in broad daylight and also get a view of the skyline lit up at night.