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June - February
Couples, Families, Friends
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Rockefeller Center

Curiosity Cult
Yet another monumental place that lets you witness New York from top of the rock as high as 70 th floor! Once you're done gasping over the beautiful view, ice skating, Lego store and much more will be your companion.
Shakti Chauhan
Grab a cup of coffee and start with Rockefeller Center. Take the elevator to Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center called Top of the Rock. The first elevator start at 8 AM, the more early you go smaller the crowd will be. Deck provide one of the best view of NYC. Ticket cost is $30.
Rohan Sood
An art deco landmark and a spectacular viewpoint across the city, the Rockefeller Center was constructed in the 1930s. Out of the 14 Rockefeller Center buildings in New York City, the ‘Top of the Rock’ observation deck is situated at the top of the GE Building. The 360° panorama of New York City icons like the Empire State Building, Central Park, Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge can’t be missed.Right in front of the Rockefeller Centre is the world famous rink was first opened on Christmas Day in 1936. It is 122 feet long and can accommodate approximately 150 skaters at a time. Let your hair down and skate to your own version of ‘Let it go’!
Pooja Chaudhary
its HIGH!!
Classic meets current at Rockefeller Center, New York City's ultimate shopping destination. From spacious flagships to unique specialty stores, there is something here for every taste and closet, in iconic surroundings as sophisticated as they are welcoming. And whether you want to grab a quick bite, get your cappuccino fix, meet friends for cocktails or savor a special family dinner, you’ll relish the delicious options. There are several paid tours available - check them out.