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Spin New York

I grew up roller skating in the city and I still love to do it, usually somewhere on the East and West side of the river. Susan Sarandon has a ping pong club called SPiN (Newyorkspingalactic.com) in Flatiron that I love to go to after dinner. It's active and fun. They have DJs and drinks, and rather than shouting across a bar to your friend you can stand the ping pong table and actually have fun. But I must add some of the best nights I have had in New York have been at Picnics. I went on one for a date a long time ago and it was just so sweet. I usually go somewhere in Central Park, take a frisbee and a backgammon board,as well as cheeses from Artisnal (artisanalcheese.come) , bread from Mario Batali's Etaly ( Etaly.com) some chocolates or pastries from Dean & Deluca (deandeluca.com) beautiful fruit from Union Square Green Market and a bottle of wine.