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Staten Island

Vaibhavi Haria
Day 4: Staten Island, Charging Bull and the High LineStaten Island offers free round trip ferry to the Statue of Liberty Island, with no halt at the Liberty island. You can click pictures directly from the ferry while round tripping the Statue of Liberty. It's a normal government ferry, do not expect anything outstanding or different. There were more ferries that actually take you to the Liberty island.
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
DAY 16Places visited:Times SquareLiberty IslandStatue of Liberty
Gopika EM
Magandeep Singh
Views are slightly over-rated and the best ones of the Statue of Liberty as also the Manhattan skyline are to be had from the free ferry to Staten Island. The place where the ferry takes off for Liberty is actually nice to hang about and idly watch skate-boarders practising falling in innovative and gravity-reinforcing ways. Anything else is overhyped, including the rooftop bars - did someone say Gaensvoort? – and the other observation decks. You can do the Empire State building if you must scratch the tourist itch but I’d rather wait for the new WTC towers to be finished and go there instead. Else, you always have the Chrysler building to walk into and admire from the inside. The outside, if one need add, is equally stunning.
Staten Island is one of the five Boroughs of New York City. The north Shore is the more urban and populated area of Staten Island. There are a number of parks here that serve as a recreational area. During this commuter barge’s 25-minute crossing, you get superb panoramas of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Staten Island is much more quiet and peaceful as compared to the loud and busy New York City. It is more of a relaxing spot for travelers in the city.