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Statue of Liberty

Naomi Hammonds
My first stop and probably the one I was most excited about was visiting the Statue of Liberty (or as we called her 'The Lady')! Getting here from the hostel was the first challenge; meandering through the foot traffic, trying to cross the busy New York Streets, while not forgetting to take pictures and follow the map at the same time! It was tough but we made it! We took a route that led us through Times Square and Wall Street, which was amazing to see. The ferry to the Island where 'The Lady' lives, was only a short 15 minute journey, but I wouldn't recommend doing this with a hangover, especially if you're partial to sea sickness! Ground Zero & 911 Memorial Museum
Pooja Chaudhary
A colossal statue of a woman dressed in classical Roman clothing, symbolizing the roman goddess of liberty. She wears a crown of seven rays representing a nimbus or halo. In her left hand she carries a tablet bearing the date July 4th, 1977 to commemorate America's birth as an independent nation. The torch in her hand represents liberty enlightning the world. Beneath her feat are severed shackles and chains representing the universal symbol of freedom and the abolition of slavery in United States. Lady liberty's symbolism in American history makes it a must watch. the ferry ride to the liberty island makes it a worthwhile experience.
Karthik Rao V
High above the liberty Island of New York harbor and midst its tranquil waters, stands an iconic symbol of New York status, 'The statue of Liberty'. This majestic towering monument is a colossal neoclassical structure which is one of the world's best tourist spots that has attracted travelers from every corner of the globe over the past few decades.
Ankita Misra
There is no way one doesn't realise the importance of the Statue of Liberty, knowing about the United States.
Can't say anything that has not been told before. You have to see this if you are in NYC. Period.