The Campbell

Dev Iyer
Don't let the name fool ya and no, you won't be shot for trespassing. Back in 1923, John W. Campbell, an American financier needed a place to work and play that had easy access to railroad transportation so he leased a space under Grand Central Station from Mr. William Kissam Vanderbilt II and is said to have modelled it after a medieval florentine palace. Over time, this apartment fell into disrepair until it was repaired and remodelled in the 90s into a tavern. Now if you're in the place, you should see a huge Persian rug on the floor. This rug was bought by Mr. Campbell for a whopping $300,000, an example of his ostentatious taste in things. Here's a look at their menu.Hours: 12 p.m - 2 a.mEntry fee: Free