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The High Line

The Fragile Cargo
The sunset cruise had given me about 2 hours to kill. But I wasn’t going to go anywhere far off (just so I wouldn’t miss this one too). That’s how I ended up visiting The High Line. The High Line is an elevated park that is created on a former Railway line. Imagine a mile long garden right in the middle of the busiest metropolitan city. Are you thinking sounds like a perfect spot for a perfect photo? Well you wouldn’t be alone. That was definitely the most number of photo-shoots I’ve seen happening in one place. Probably because it was a really beautiful park. (PS: I don't have any pictures because I was saving up battery for the sunset one above)
debomita basu
 Highline which is an elevated railroad re-purposed into a park is quite a brilliant idea. Surrounded by greenery you can explore the avenues of New York and get a different perspective of the skyscraper city from a height. Parts of the Highline curves out towards the Hudson so you can get river views along with modern skyscrapers and old lofty warehouses. There were also sculptures and plenty of artwork from local artists on the way to take a peek at. Loads of nooks and crannies to stop and rest – the occasional sun loungers to laze around in while eating popsicles, benches with street views and beer gardens as well. We went on a Wednesday and it was nice sunny day with a lovely breeze so we had a good time strolling and soaking in the serenity in the middle of the bustling concrete jungle which I thought was pretty cool! Be warned though I have been told it gets busy over the weekends.Murals and cool billboards as you walk along the Highline. I particularly loved this technicolor version of the famous WWII sailor kissing the nurse photograph!
New Yorkers know how to turn something old and crappy into something new and exciting. The High Line: a park built on old tracks is a perfect place to feel like you're currently in the greatest city on the planet.
Karthik Rao V
An evening walk along the verdant High Line watching the pleasant sunset is one of the best things to do in the NYC. It is virtually like floating and flying high 25 feet above the ground surrounded by serene greenery and tended plantings. You can also capture wonderful photographs in and around the place and get some good quality nature shots if you are interested in.