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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mahima Kohli
The Fragile Cargo
So the museums I chose to visit were The Met, Guggenheim and the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum. Other museums you could visit are the Museum of Natural History (featured in the Night at the Museum films) and the Museum of Modern Art. I was told there is also a Museum of Finance at Wall Street for those of you who might not be satisfied with just seeing the charging Bull. Speaking of Wall Street, most of you may not know that there has been a new addition to Wall Street right besides the Bull. A sculpture by Kristen Visbal known as the 'Fearless Girl' is now added facing the Bull. The statue was added to show the power of women in leadership. GIRL POWER!All the art lovers and experts out there will say how either the Met or the Guggenheim is the best museum. I won’t even try to argue with that. They were beautiful! Also, both museums have certain temporary exhibits that are displayed for only a certain period. If there is one such exhibit when you are visiting, do not miss it. ‘The Heavenly Bodies’ exhibit at the Met was truly that, heavenly! Also, remember to take a picture by the iconic steps of the Met and live like the character from one of your favourite Hollywood movie.
Dev Iyer
3. The Metropolitan Museum (1000 5thAvenue):
Must-see. If you decide to go on a free day expect to have an awful day due to the crowds.
On Thursdays the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( is open until 9 pm, so I like to have a drink usuall uptown at the beautiful Surrey Hotel rooftop bar ( and then head to the museum. Walking around the museum after a glass of wine and seeing the Picassos and the Matisses gives your evening a cultural injection.