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Times Square

Dev Iyer
4. Times Square (Midtown):
Ankita Borkakoty
One winter evening in New York City! New York, the place I fell head over heels in love with, way before I visited it. Everything about it felt ethereal. Talk about the spine chilling breeze or the aroma of freshly baked cookies and cupcakes and melted chocolate which enveloped the air. As the sun set, the few thin strips of clouds turned shimmering white. Men and women, from all walks of life kept walking along the five foot ways of both sides of the buzzing street. A pair of headlights came bouncing on the road, blinding me temporarily before passing and disappearing. But standing amidst the wide avenues, all I could wonder was how someday, I too will rise to the top, like a skyscraper.
Shakti Chauhan
Rohan Sood
One of the world’s most recognized locations, Times Square is a must for any New York City itinerary. You may have seen it in countless movies, but there is nothing like standing in the middle of it, especially at night, and absorbing its sights and sounds. Times Square is an overwhelming experience for all of your senses. Marvel at massive billboards, catch a famous musical, shop in the area or soak in the unique Times Square vibe with a hotdog in hand. There is plenty to do here.Call it a night guzzling beer at the New York Beer Company in Hell’s Kitchen. Their goat-cheese pizza is to die for.
Aapurva Vekhande
I was sitting in the busiest square in the world '' Times Square'' and even though I was feeling so content with myself.Without your friend next to you, chatting your ear off, you become totally immersed in the present moment.That feeling of sitting in the '' Times Square'' without checking the phone and just observing that expression on everyone's face says that '' yes, finally I made it'' is something I had never experienced in my life before. Those expressions on the face of 70-years old couple and 7-years old kid gave me an immense positive energy to look towards my life's journey and I successfully stored those expressions in the hard-disk of my heart which would never get erased by any viruses. I discovered those hidden little gems within the city that people only talked about finding in movies or books.
Aapurva Vekhande
''Life doesn't come with the instruction manual like for any devices.We are getting wiser only after pressing the wrong button of the instrument.And at the end, we are responsible for taking care of our device and no one else.The Same rule is applicable in our life also.If you take right actions, good things happen. If you don’t, things don’t happen. Nothing is going to be delivered to you on a silver platter. At the same time, you learn to create and spot opportunities around you — but it’s you, who makes things happen. And you WILL make them happen.So Weeks passed and the day finally arrived when I was leaving for my adventurous solo trip. And, as I passed the metal detector at the airport, all my fear and doubt vanished. It was replaced with this strong sense of knowing I had done the right thing.I bid adieu to my parents, got on my 7-hours flight and landed in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” - I was literally in an “Empire State of Mind”!
Pooja Chaudhary
One of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, Times Square is a treat for the cosmopoliton crowd. it is also the hub of the Broadway Theater District and a major center of the world's entertainment industry. Times Square is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated fifty million visitors annually.
Ruchika Makhija
A dazzling and vibrant shopping area of NewYork.
Gargi Vishnoi
First thing first, however touristy it maybe we had to see the Times Square foremost. Stumbling and finding our way through the streets and avenues we finally reached the Mecca of a shopaholic and dived straight in the outlets. Because we were given limited cash we shopped only in affordable stores. Forever21, American Eagle, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Victoria Secrets it can go on forever. The thrift stores on 5th Avenue are also worth a checkout. They have some vintage stuff doing rounds at a very cheap rate. A Parisian boutique was one where I got a pair of dramatic shoes. The more you explore and indulge more exciting it gets. We ate our lunch at Panera bread- a must visit eatery when in States. New York City’s Hard Rock Café is an inevitable place on the itinerary. We all know how HRCs are, well this one is a magnified version
Ankita Misra
Who doesn't know 'The' Times Square of New York? But I will have to say, the city lights are dimmer against the lights in and around the Times Square. May it be new years eve or any other day, the Jumbotron has the best of the advertisements in the industry.
Major commercial hub in Manhattan. You must have seen this place in almost every movie that had anything to do with NYC. One of the most famous tourist attraction. Just walk around and enjoy. Tonic bar and Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square are worth visiting if you are hungry or in a mood for a quick drink. Also check out "Toys R Us" store to see huge collection of toys.
If you're not pressed for time, go sit on the red steps and people watch.
Lisa D'Cruz
A microcosm of the world and all I had to do was take a bite of the big apple. Colors and people everywhere.
Magandeep Singh
You will not know buzz till you have stood here and felt the world pass all around by. It’s like Piccadilly in London, but five times the size. And dirtier. Crazier. Unpredictably quirkier.
Who doesn't know Times Square? A Commercial neighborhood of New York city, this area is where the pulse of the city gets louder, higher and more energetic. It is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, which means it remains constantly crowded. But, this hustle-bustle is what makes Times Square so special. It lights up at night to look even more spectacular. Times Square is called the “Crossroads of the World.” The iconic landmark stands as the symbol of New York City. Animated digital billboards, New Years Eve, and news period, this is the center of Manhattan’s ego for city dwellers and tourists alike.