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Times Square

Roshni Karthikeyan
5) Times Square
How many ever times you visit NYC, you can never get tired of the Times Square. The place comes to life after the sun sets. Big Lights for sure will inspire you here! You can just sit there on the steps and watch the city pass by around you. Those big billboards with their colorful displays are worth every minute of your time you spend in Times Square.It was not surprising that we spent almost 3 hours sitting there and talking. We left to NJ late into the night to get some sleep.
Vandana Goenka
On every year I planned my Durga puja holidays (Kolkata)in advance because if you plan your travel in advance you get nice deals in airlines and hotels.So when my USA visa arrived in the month of April 2015 i was superbly excited to plan my next vacay in New York.So i booked my flight with Emirates Airbus 380 via Dubai and it was 14hrs hectic flight but when travelling to New York it doesn't matter..... All matters is The Time Square,Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.We arrived to New York on 11th October and my stay was in this city was till 13th October.We have booked the hotel Hilton Garden INN Time square so we can save the time to travel far as if in the night time also we have spare time we can walk and wandering around the city.So after some rest we were having the Hop and Hop off tour of the Time Square.We want to explore every corner of Time Square on open bus tour.Sharing some of the pictures.
Curiosity Cult
The most lit part of the city that won't pause even for a hiccup (If you're from Mumbai, this is a familiar sight. However, this sees a 2X surge in comparison to the maximum city in India.) Times Square is definitely one of the reasons they call New York the city that has it all. Trust this hustling intersection to be a home to the most amusing banners, quick service restaurants and intent that builds the headlines.
Time square is bright and unforgettable with flashing lights, giant digital boards, costumed characters, musicians what more? It is a top entertainment hub in the midtown Manhattan, NYC. Time square is easily accessible by subways and buses. One could spend hours in time square shopping, watching the crowed, digital display and with free entertainment. It’s best to visit time square after sun sets, you can witness some of the mesmerizing movements. Here in time square you have some of the amazing Indian restaurants, if you want to have a try. Most crowded Time Square, Manhattan, New York!