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Washington Square Park

debomita basu
The other attraction in Greenwich village is the Washington Square Park. Located in the NYU neighborhood this park has a tiny Arc-de-Triomph type arch and a very nice water fountains in the middle where kids were dancing in the water to beat the heat.The park has multiple street artists performing, some good, some downright bizarre! But its a great place to relax with coffee and a book or just lounge on the grass and people watch.
Ipshita Chakraborty
Time seems to have broken into a gallop and before I realize, we are at the last point of the tour. Washington Square Park is a refreshing patch of green amidst the urban milieu. The rap and jazz musicians playing at the park lend the place a languorous sense of happiness. Renee gathers the walking party beneath the stately Memorial Arch and delivers a final address on how the park has been a gathering area for the Beat generation, folk and Hippie movements of the 1950s and 1960s.I thank her and make my way to the centre of the park where the band is starting to get the crowd on its feet. I take off my shoes and sit down comfortably, the soft grass feeling like velvet beneath my tired feet. They have just started singing Mr Tambourine Man and have promised to sing Blowin’ in the Wind. A bunch of NYU students raise their bottles of Brooklyn Summer Ale and merrily shout out "Cheers to Mr Dylan”.