September - February
Couples, Solo, Friends, Families
34 out of 71 attractions in Old Bagan

Bagan Archaeological Museum

Exploring Bagan's Archaeological Zone by foot is a no-no. Other travel arrangements are necessary as it sprawls over 26 square miles and sports more than 2,000 pagodas. There are five main modes of transport to choose from. Push-bike, e-bike, horse and cart, rented car and hot air balloon. Push-biking looked too much like hard work - hot, sweaty and dusty. The horse and carts looked to slow, bumpy and uncomfortable and a rented car was out of our budget. A hot air balloon ride had been high on my wishlist. It would give the best views of Bagan, but at over $300 per person for only a couple of hours we just couldn't justify it! After considering all our options, we decided e-bikes it was! It would still be dusty just like the push-bikes but we could live with that.