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September - May
Couples, Friends
5 out of 71 attractions in Old Bagan

Shwesandaw Pagoda

We headed to Shwesandaw Pagoda for sunset, to be honest we weren't sure about this one. We'd heard it was the most popular sunset spot and as a result from 4pm onwards tour buses start to roll up and it becomes very crowded. On the same note we didn't want to miss it so went anyway. Arriving around 4:30pm, it was already busy, there were a few tour buses parked up and row upon row of e-bikes and push-bikes. The climb up the side of the pagoda was very steep and the steps were very high. It was quite a struggle for little old me and my short legs. Luckily there's metal railings both sides to help drag yourself up the steps. Tourists positioning cameras and tripods crowded into the top two or three terraces. Several perched precariously on the walls, dangling their legs over the side. They were all trying to get the perfect sunset shot. Once at the top we could see why it was so popular. The views were spectacular, on a par with, if not better than the views from Bagan Viewing Tower the day before.