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Dodabetta Tea Museum and Factory

When we are talking about the best hill station of the nilgiri range we are always talking about Ooty or the Udhagamandalam. There are a number of mountains which are close to it and are a part of the Nilgiri Hill Range. Out of these the Doda Betta is the highest mountain and is about 10 kilometres away from Ooty. After you have finished trekking and have reached the peak of the mountain there is something very nice waiting for you. It is a visitors observatory center. This is a two- storey building and the second floor is in the form of an observatory. The whole gallery is circled with glass panes and there are placed two large telescopes. With the help of these you can take a closer look of the surrounding peaks and the amount of beauty they possess.
Sreoshi Bakshi
This place is quite famous for its tea plantation and tea museum.