Doddabetta Peak 1/18 by Tripoto
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This is the highest peak in the Nilgiri region and is about 10 kilometres from the city of Udhagamandalam or Ooty. The main attraction here is the center for tourists on the peak of this hill. There is an observatory on the top floor of this tourist center and there are twin telescopes hre. From the glass paned observatory, with the help of telescopes, you get awesome views of the whole district till far away places.
After this, we headed to Doddabetta Peak, which is the highest peak in the Nilgiris. The place is quite commercialized, but the end of the trail leads to a view point, which will make you forget the agony of wading through a sea of tourists.
ankita upadhyay
Our target for this day was Ooty's hill top - Doddabetta peak . It was already raining heavily when we began in the morning . On the way there were many tea estates and dense forest . Visibility was pretty low due to fog . View from the peak was spectacular . Light drizzle , foggy roads and incense of eucalyptus served as a euphoric experience .
Doddabetta - It is the highest peak of south India. There is a telescope house that gives full view of Nilgiri ranges. It is 10kms away from Ooty.
3. Doddabetta Peak
My first destination was Doddabetta. It is the highest point in Ooty. The govt runs a special tourism 'Circuit Bus' in which you have to purchase ticket once and you can travel for the whole day. Its a chain of buses running in certain interval of time. I reached Doddabetta at about 10 am and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. From here one can view the entire Ooty city, Wellington, Love dale etc. You have restaurants near by and few souvenir shops. Headed back in the same Circuit bus I reached the city, had my dinner. I then headed to Botanical garden. I was amazed to see this. Lots of plants, rather than lots its variety of plants trees. Its one of it in the country. Finishing my dinner and roaming the city I headed back to hotel. Day 8: (Back to Coimbatore by Nilgiri Railways) Its pack up time. I was heading to Coimbatore from where I have booked my ticket to Chennai in KPN B9R. Initially I thought i will take a bus. But while walking to bus stand the railway station struck me and made me to think "I have tried Shimla toy train. Let me try this one too - Nilgiri toy train". I went to the counter and surprised no one was there. I enquired, till now no one has came. So I was the first person. Kept my backpack there and sat aside. Slowly the queue stretched as the time to open the counter neared. I was the first to get the ticket. I asked for a reservation but he told reservations are full and current ticket is from Ooty to till Connor. Ok. Anyway within short notice I managed to get a ticket is a big achievement for me. The train powered by an environment friendly diesel engine. The journey was awesome. Tunnels, bridges I reached Connor. From Connor the real adventurous train journey starts. The bogies are cut shortened to 3. From here the train climbs using a teeth gear system as assistance. After finishing my lunch at Connor, I boarded a bus to Mettupalayam. From there another bus to Coimbatore. Finally by 9 pm I reached omnibus stand. At 11.45 pm my journey towards Chennai commenced.
Rohan Mudaliar
crowded during weekends or holidays. So stay away if you dont like as much crowds.
Really....a awesome climate and a telescope view is quite well to see all places...
Really....a awesome climate and a telescope view is quite well to see all places...
Shipra Dubey
Each one of you would have heard about the nilgiris but the experience of how it feels to be here would be witnessed only by one’s eyes not by the texts or the pictures.
Nancy Nance
It is the highest peak of the Niligiri Hills. It is 10km away from Ooty. The place has a telescope which provides a nice view of the blue mountains.
Sagnik Basu
Doddabetta peak is the Highest Peak in South India. One can have views of three South Indian State plains of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. There is a Telescope mounted on the top of the peak and you can have an aerial view of the plains and the hilly ranges for a nominal charge. It is merely 10kms from Ooty so you can simply grab your camera and head straight to the peak, and click amazing pictures of the valley below. On a clear day, which is honestly not that often, one can see far off areas, even the plains of Coimbatore and the flat highlands of Mysore.
Yamini Vijendran
The highest point in Nilgiris. Amazing weather with surprise showers at any time. The drive up to this place is as wonderful and thrilling as the spot itself.