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A small village under the Puri District of Odisha, this place is known mainly for the famous applique work items made and sold here. Each of the families here are engaged in this work as this is their main occupation. Also this Pipili handicraft is the most popular handicraft of Odisha. This work is done on many things such as bed sheets, bed covers, lamps, cushion covers, clothing fabrics, wall hangings and other home decor items.
On the way to Puri we stopped in the local craft market known as Pipili.
Bima Choudhury
Next destination was Pipili which is famous for its applique work. The entire place is full of brightly colored patchwork items like huge umbrellas, bed sheets, lamps, purse, handbags and various other beautiful items. There are lot of shops from where applique handicrafts can be purchased, however not before bargaining as this is a bit commercialized area.
Siddharth Sujan
Located at a distance of about 185 km from the sanctuary and 20 km from Bhubaneswar, lies the rustic village of Pipli. This small village is acknowledged in the region for its beautiful Applique handicrafts. Shop for some authentic souvenirs for your loved ones while exploring a typical village in the heart of Odisha.Cuisine on offerSince Gahirmatha is not a mainstream tourist hub per se, there’s not much to explore around in terms of food apart from some small shacks on the Gahirmatha Beach. However, foodies can flock to the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar to get a taste of authentic Odiya food with dishes such as Mudhi Ghanta (fish), Crab Kalia, Bhendi Bhaja and Chhena Jalebi. Here are some of the best spots in the city you should be heading to for a delectable meal:
Disha Kapkoti
Around 40 km from Puri, the people of Pipili Village have mastered the French handicraft technique, called Appliqué. Colourful fabric is cut and sewn on a foundation fabric creating incredible art on the fabric.
Prannoy Ray