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Universal Orlando Resort

After a short night of sleep in MIA, I took another bus to Orlando.Stayed in Movieland Hotel, cheapest option at the time and their website said they have a shuttle. When I got there around 10:30am, I realized that there’s actually only one shuttle at 8:30am and that’s about it. Oh well. It was a rookie mistake not to call the hotel before booking to ask for the shuttle schedule. So I walked 30min, no biggie.Let’s talk about money for a second. Theme parks are freaking expensive. You will pay $155 for a one day park-to-park ticket. This ticket will give you access to both Island of Adventure and Universal Studios park as well as the Hogwarts Express train ride that connect the two of them.I personally wanted to have a full experience of the two parks and not be rushed trying to do the most rides I could in only one day. So I chose to stay two days. And for that the best option was to get a Single Park ticket for 2 days which cost me $170, no access to the Hogwarts Express though.Great memories, and if you ask 'wasn’t it weird and boring to be by yourself in a theme park where there’s tons of families and groups of friends around ?' I’d say absolutely not, the nicest rides have single riders line so actually being alone is pretty cool, you’re like a VIP.