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The Goat Village

Satvik Sinha
The initial part of the trek (for about 3 km) is rocky and dusty with hardly any thick forest roots firmly holding the soil. As one climbs up till The Goat Village, the temperature starts to drop due to sudden increase in height aided by the approaching evening. Soon after when we were through the first 5 kilometres on the way towards the basecamp, the unique flora of the region began catching our attention. Never before had I seen a dandelion. Took some time to flirt with nature there.
Kanchan Shaw
Goat village which is 2 km before Nag tibba base camp and 4 km uphill trek from Pantwari. The location of Goat village and the view from that was mesmerizing. If a trekkers don't want to stay in camp in cold weather of Himalaya then they can stay at this place. Whatever food they served, they grows.