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Rani Ki Vav

Recently the restoration work over by Archaeological survey of India and beautiful garden built surrounding the wall. You need to go down in the well to see the steps of well. I never ever forgot the visit of step well as it is really beautiful place and carving in marbles are stunning.This stepwell was built by a queen, Udayamati in memory of her king Bhimdev I.How to reach:Patan is around 125km from Ahmedabad city. Nearest Airport is Sardar Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad. You can hire taxi or get state transportation bus also.In Patan you can also stayed in budget hotels or you can stay in Ahmedabad and hire taxi, visit patan and get back in night.What you can’t miss:carvings & pillars of seven levels(though you can’t allowed to go inside more than 4th level)800 sculptures surrouding walls & Pillars,Dasavataras, or ten incarnations of VishnuSheshashayi-Vishnu- Thousand-hooded serpent Shesha
Recently added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this intricately built monument is a treasured experience for those who get to it. Built by a widowed Queen, Udaymati in memory of her husband Bhimdev I, ruler of the Solanki Dynasty, this magnificent step well is a little recognition short of being added to the historical wonders of India. It stands as a sort of an inverted pyramid and houses around 500 delicately carved sculptures of Vishnu, Kali and other Hindu gods and goddesses. The steps take you 27 m below the ground, with each step first leading you to pillared pavilions where you can admire its rich sculptures.Entry fee: ₹5 for Indians, ₹150 for foreigners.Opening hours: 8am to 6pmBest time to visit: November – MarchNearest railway station: Mehsana railway station is the closest to Patan, around 55km away.