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This is a city in the District of Satara and is known as the "Sugar Bowl of Maharashtra". This is mainly because this place is where most of the sugar production of the state takes place and there are also a number of sugar mills in this city. Apart from that, another reason for this being a tourist attraction is the Prreti Sangam or the Confluence of Love. This is the point where the Rivers Koyna and Krishna meet head on. The rivers originate from Ratnagiri and then diverge to meet again out here to form the letter 'T' accurately. There are also many premiere educational institutions in this city making it even more important. these include the Government College of Engineering and the Government College of Pharmacy.

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For Vasantgad, you need to come back to Patan and ply toward Karad on Karad Chiplun Highway....

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An awesome bike trip 13 days 3000kms ...... home state welcomed me with rains and home city with much much more .... was so thrilled .... a trip that took me thru ancient temples dating 1000 of years.... to the great monolithic Nandi ..... buddhist stupas ..... dense jungles to see a peacock dancing impressing his mate ... scaled the hills .... drank the mountain stream .... dark caves where bats reside .... underground shiva temple .... bath at the conjunction of the two rivers .... to some off-roading .... played hide and seek with the rains ... lost track to the vegetation like hansel and gretel..... been chased away by the fog ... to the curious villagers ... and lots more ..... thanks to lord a trip worth remembering for years to come...

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Pantacha Kot, Somwar Peth, Karad, Maharashtra 415110, India
15 mins of exploration and 10 mins of rest, we started our walk back towards the base. After a long and tiring walk of Sadashivgad, all group members were hungry, so we decided to head back to Karad city. When we were moving towards Karad city, one of our group member saw his friend's FB post about 'Pantacha Kot' in Karad. It was a huge well/water tank carved in a huge rock and had beautiful steps going right till the bottom. We requested hunger to wait for sometime as the place seem to be beautiful. For 'Pantacha Kot', you need to come in Karad City and head towards Pritisangam (confluence of Krishna and Koyna river). Just before main gate of Pritisangam, there is a sharp left going upwards. You can find this place on google maps or after coming near to PritiSangam, you can ask local people for directions. Pantacha Kot is an architectural beauty built during Peshwa regime, which is in center of Karad city with all residential societies and bungalows surrounding it. After our tour, I asked some of my friends who are locals of Karad, they didn't knew about the place and were suprised to see such beauty in their city. The place is well maintained and secured by archaeological department, as it was sunday we found the place locked. By asking nearby, we came to know that there is watchman who has the key, but as it was Sunday he must be on leave. We could see the architectural marvel from the gate, but were unhappy as we can't go inside. To Give Up is not a quality of trekker, we went to nearby building and some of our group members jumped over the fence to go inside, which was bit risky. Meanwhile to our surprise, few young guys came on bike and they opened the gate. So the remaining group members, came inside from the gate and next 30 mins our eyes kept admiring the beauty of the place, which can be well explained in the pics below
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Agashivnagar, Malkapur, Maharashtra 415539, India
Another dull day at hospital. .Me and Prashant were sipping tea at our canteen..And all of a sudden he comes with a plan'Why not we trek to Raigad?'I have to agree I always have an itch to trekking,U are so near to nature,You are peace, So it is difficult to say no to himSo it was decided to leave Karad by 3am in morning to Raigad..
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Best time to visit - January,February,October,November,December
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