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November to February
10 AM - 5 PM
Sightseeing, Photography and Picnic
Free Entry
December - August
Families, Friends, Business, Solo
5 out of 50 attractions in Patna


Golghar is located in Patna. It is a 29m tall Stupa-like structure with no pillars. It was constructed as a granary during the British rule to store food for British forces to face calamities like famine. There are 145 stairs which help you to reach the top of the Golghar. Golghar is at a convenient location, as it is a distance of 3km from Patna Junction Railway Station. A laser show also takes place to keep the visitors entertained. Golghar is the perfect destination for those who enjoy taking long walks. It is also a treasure for travellers who like to explore offbeat tourist spots. Due to its historical significance, Patna's Golghar is also an educative place for people. You can enjoy a bird's eye view of Patna and the holy River Ganges from the top of Golghar which makes it a serene picnic spot for tourists.
A hot buffet lunch was served in a round house near the lake called the Golghar. The food was excellent, a huge selection of vegetable and meat indian dishes. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and the lodge has also developed an excellent waste management system, everything is recycled or composted. After lunch the moment I'd been waiting for had arrived...it was safari time. There were nineteen guests staying at the lodge and we all jumped into four open sided jeeps. Another group of about twenty who had just turned up on the off chance piled into a big khaki coloured govenment bus. Unsurprisingly they saw very little during their safari, as the bus was load, noisy and smelly. Luckily there are very strict rules for the safari's and each of the jeeps headed off into Nagarahole National Park down different tracks. This limited the noise and disturbance for the animals and maximised the chance of spotting widlife.