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Rimbi Waterfalls

Supriya Samanta
Rimbi Waterfalls:This majestic waterfall is worth watching. You can get close to the waterfall and enjoy clicking amazing pictures of it or selfies with it.
Ginny Bansal
Jayashree Sengupta
Next, on the way towards Pelling, it was Rimbi rock garden, a rocky streamside.
Dhirajendu Sahu
1) Rimbi FallsRimbi Falls is situated near lower Pelling. It is just at the road side and it was an amazing view to watch.
Sounak Ghosh
Rimbi Falls: Situated amidst lush forests another beautiful waterfall is the Rimbi Falls. About 12 kms away from Pelling, Rimbi falls flows down gracefully bathing the shrubs and ferns on the way down.One of the prime attractions of Pelling, the falls is a magnet for tourists, photographers and waterfalls lovers alike.