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Penang Island

Anoop Jain
We decided to go to the Penang Island by car! This was going to be exciting as we had to cross Southeast Asia's longest bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah bridge. The drive with water by the side was a life time remembering experience. After entering the island, we went to the famous snake temple. After praying, we witnessed snakes in open. It was kinda creepy as well as scary. But we managed to successfully get out of there. We then hit the clock tower, purely for snaps! Haha. Nearby, we visited the 3D trick art museum. It was my first visit. So, maybe I was a lil excited. And yes, we took more than a hundred snaps, not kidding. We then went to the Cornwallis Fort. That was also very nearby. To sum up, all attractions in Penang are literally next to each other. So there's no worry about the transportation cost there. Everything can be reached by just a walk. So yeah. Fort Cornwallis?! I would call it a waste of money because there's nothing to see there. But the view of the beach behind attracts the eye. With that, we called it for the day.