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Druk Hotel Road

Rakhee Rathore
Now that we are more intelligent and smarter than before,We start early in the morning we strike right on the jaigaon border and stop right in front of Druk Hotel .We already got printed permit forms and 5 of us filled it,We were required to produce at least two government documents ,Mind it Adhaar card doesn't work as a government document in Bhutan passport office.I suggest carry passport and Pan card .If you don't have a pan card have your driving licence .Passport office opens at 8 am ,Everybody is peaceful at the office ,the only noise you are going to hear at the phuntosholing passport office will be of your own or the fellow travelers entering the country.It was sometimes so disgusting ,this was our first lesson many things can be handled just by looking at each other ,Understand more talk less.Anyways,we submitted our forms and waited for our turn ,it took around 15-20 min ,Also by this time we booked a taxi for 4 days for around 20,000 INR as soon as we were free from Phuntosholing passport office.This package included taxi and driver for four days and he was on his own for food and stay .Bhutan is so welcoming that all the hotel will always take care of the drivers and they will have stay accomodated as well ,if you are staying in those hotels too.Where to eat in Phuntosholing:-Bon apetite:-We had first breakfast at Druk restaurant and these people are so humble and kind hearted.we indulged into bhutan cuisine like keva datse ,momos and also some indian food.