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Tiger Kingdom

Next stop was to Tiger Kingdom, a major attraction for the day. Its a unique zoo, where you will find only tigers right from new born cubs to biggest one. This zoo lets you interact directly with tigers in their cage under supervision. Ahh, this was unexpected to us !! The place is surprisingly large, clean and very well organized and as soon as you enter you’ll see the several options offered to the visitors. There are four sizes of tigers: smallest, small, medium and big and price is according to the popularity. Obviously the cute cubs and the massive adults are the most popular but you can choose all kinds of combinations according to your budget, just be aware that it doesn’t come cheap. Since everyone who enters the cage has to pay the full price, whether you want to take your photo with the tiger or not, the total bill can be quite high. So we thought a lot & finally opted for small tiger which was few years older along with photography option.Note that for your own safety there are rules to respect: wash your hands before walking in. Don’t bring your bag inside as tigers apparently love to play with the straps. Don’t use flash, don’t walk alone in the parks and don’t make loud noise. Once we saw the size of the beasts, we certainly didn’t feel like doing anything that could upset them. The animals are in excellent condition, nicely groomed with a beautiful fur, no bad smell and cages are kept clean. Many of the tigers are lazing around, leading to the usual statement ‘tigers are drugged’, which no one can of course prove or demonstrate. The guide’s answer was they are not, this is the daytime behavior of well fed tigers.We stepped inside cage & there were 4 tigers in different corners of the cage & all the cages were interconnected. I was really scared a lot but our guide was constantly saying to be confident & face it. The moment I saw the tiger's face, those furious eyes, wild face & it was just right in front of me. Uffff, I was blown away with pride. We even played with its tail & back too. We got clicked so many pictures which we got through a CD once we came out. It was a truly unique experience, which you can enjoy by purchasing a single ticket or a package.
Sushma Neeraj
And the last stop & most exciting & scariest was Tiger Kingdom. Here there are tiger cubs to largest size of tigers, categorized among themselves. Visitors has to buy a ticket to see which size of tiger and the scariest thing is, once you buy ticket, you are allowed to go inside the cage where tigers live !!! Yes, you heard it right. There will be trainers along with visitors inside but that was a hear beat stopping moment. There will also be a photographer who clicks your photos with tigers in different poses. Isn't it crazy ??