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Lan Su Chinese Garden

Ajita Mahajan
Lan Su Chinese Garden"Between Lake and Mountain lies true meaning!!" It had started raining outside, and I thought I'll enjoy noodle soup in the cold weather so I started walking towards Chinatown, a nearby neighborhood. Before I could finalize a restaurant, I saw this beautiful garden hidden behind the walls in front of me. I decided to go inside and check it out. With a 10$ admission fee, I got the most serene and quaint views. Inside the garden were the plants native to China and structures signifying Chinese culture. I'll let the pictures speak the rest.
Neha Kirpal
We next went to Old Town Chinatown in the same area, which has some interesting Chinese shops and restaurants. It also houses the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden. One of Portland’s greatest treasures, it is like a window into Chinese culture, history and way of thinking. It is also the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. The garden has its very own teahouse called The Tao of Tea, where we gorged on a variety of soothing teas and snacks while gazing at the magical garden.