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ross Islan

Jyoti Maher Kundu
Ross Island was known as the ‘Paris of the East’.Half an Hour ferry ride from Port Blair, Last ferry leaves around 3:30pm.Don’t miss the light and sound show it’s amazing, Starts around 5:30pm.
Ross Island is about 2 km east of Port Blair. 
Shweta Shah
This island was badly affected by the tsunami and lost its most picturesque beach. You can find deers walking along your side without any fear. Also, it has historical importance as it played an important part in world war 2
Lets Head Out
Look at these beauties !! This is at Ross Island. You’ll be greeted by hundreds of deer and many many peacocks. No matter how many times you’ve seen a peacock dance in it’s full glory, it’s never enough. So many of them started dancing together as if there is no tomorrow. And the deer were so so cute to the core.Port Blair was saved from the 2004 Tsunami by Ross Island else much of Port Blair would have got washed away.The picture says it all here about the destruction that took place.