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Gurney Plaza

Vipul Mehta
Gurney Plaza: About 20 minutes drive from mainland Georgetown towards Penang is this amazing shopping mall called Gurney Plaza. If you’re thinking ugh.. shopping mall.. big deal. Well, think again. Gurney Plaza exhibits the grandeur of Bukit Bintang region of KL city, has all the names of the brands one can hope for, is located right next to the sea and is a marvel to look upon. For us, if that was not all, the time we reached there, Penang International Food Festival was going on at the lawns of Gurney Plaza. Which means an opportunity to taste all the delicacies of Malaysian cuisine. A magician was doing magic tricks for children at the entrance of the mall. And the cherry on the cake was when as we were walking in the corridors of the mall we accidentally bumped into the Penang Fashion Week with all the beautiful and handsome Asian models doing their walks on the ramp. That was a huge surprise for me! Who knows you may get surprised in a similar manner on your journey.