snake temple penang

Vipul Mehta
Snake Temple: Speaking of temples, how can I forget this one! Located in the mainland Penang, around 10km from Georgetown, this amazing temple is known for, as the name suggests, snakes. Although this is nothing like an Indian temple with snakes. It’s a Chinese temple and you find species of Vipers lying on the tables or even sleeping on the walls. The temple people say they don’t hurt anyone. But the highlight of the temple is this Snake Museum maintained by a Chinese snake lover. He has traveled across the world and bought these amazing snakes and has kept them in custody for safekeeping and for showing to people. For the first time in life I saw full grown pythons which were meters in length, some golden some grey some of other colors. There is 150 year old turtle also. The legends say that the old turtle and python brings good luck and makes your wishes come true if you touch their entire body. I also saw venomous cobras and even a species of our very own Nagaraja.