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Brisbane City

Jemima Durnford
Finally we could check in, we flew down to Brisbane airport and from there took the skytrain which was a rip off into town. We left our luggage in Travel Bug and went to get food, lay in the park and then went to see Afia which was really nice as previously there hadn't been enough time to catch up properly. We spent the afternoon with her and then took the train to our host, Greg. He said he'd meet us but after an hour we getting concerned, just as it was getting dark he turned up. He had been waiting in another place! He lived just 10 minutes walk away in a really nice complex with another flat mate who "cut up dead bodies" which was different and a little bit weird hearing about his graphic examinations! Greg was very friendly, a captain in the army so Liam was interested in his job. He was very laid back and left us to it in the flat whilst he was at work the next day, so we made the most of chilling out and using the pool! It was a little cold but fun. On the day of our flight to New Zealand he kindly drove us out to the airport in the early hours.The highlight of Australia was Couchsurfing, and we were we really keen to carry it on in New Zealand. Meeting such friendly and open locals made the experience so brilliant. In hindsight, it would have been better to pay a little extra for decent tours but it is so expensive! However, the atmosphere and weather in Australia had been just what we needed and we were so excited for New Zealand!Frequent Searches Leading To This Page:-Australia tour package from Chennai, Australia honeymoon itinerary 10 days, Australia honeymoon packages all inclusive, Australia honeymoon package from Mumbai, Australia holiday packages
Jemima Durnford
The next day we were due to get the coach at lunchtime to our next destination so Sarah dropped us off in town and we went to a few tour companies to research tours on Fraser Island so we could get that booked up in advance. We managed to find a good one combining a whale watching tour and Fraser Island tour for $250AUD.
Jemima Durnford
Our flight to the land down under was really good, we flew with Emirates from Singapore and had good seats near the front of the plane. It was a seven hour flight and we were given free alcohol which we both took advantage of. I indulged in about six Baileys and Liam decided to mix it up with some beers and wine and got a little drunk! At one point he came back from the toilet with this little paper cup and thought it was absolutely hysterical that they would have something like this in the toilet. "Why?" he said and then just lost it, tears streaming down his face for literally 20 minutes or so. I was starting to feel a little embarrassed by his show and people were looking at him wondering what was up, he looked more like he was sobbing than laughing! I just got back to my film and left him to try and compose himself. We watched some epic films, the best being The Avengers which was so funny.We had decided to try and couchsurf on our travels from Brisbane to Cairns and our first host was this lovely woman called Sarah. She kindly picked up from the airport at 2:00am and as we chatted on the drive to her home we took an immediate liking to her. We weren't sure what couchsurfing was going to be like and first impressions were certainly very impressive! At her home we had our own room and en suite which was very well presented and we felt really at home. She wasn't working and her husband was away working in mines up north so it was just her and her King Charles Spaniel, Chas, who was so cute. As she wasn't working she was able to hang out with us and so our first day started with amazing homemade pancakes and syrup and then we drove to a viewpoint overlooking Brisbane. It was the most stunning blue sky day and having been in Asia where a lot of the time the weather was very hazy and humid, it was so refreshing to see such clear blue skies with no oppressive heat. It was a beautiful spot with great views all around.
Arundhuti Adhikari
Colors of Summer is incomplete without yellow touch of Bloomed Sunflower. So, before summer bid goodbye to Queensland, we decided to leave for day trip towards sunflower field. Keep in mind, this is a private farm, so one has to be very careful while entering the field. Though owner never say "No" to visit their field, but better to be courteous and pleasant with them. Oh! before I forget to mention, best season to visit the field is late Dec-late Jan. Though this year-2018, it was quite late because of sudden heavy rainfall, so most of the saplings got destroyed and we had to wait till mid of Jan. One more important thing to keep in mind is , before you plan for this trip, please call Warwick information center, here is the Facebook page link for reference. They will give you an exact information and even will help you with the route map from Brisbane.