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Captain Cook Highway

Taelum W
The Captain Cook Highway is a 75 km (46.6 mile) stretch of road from Cairns to Mossman that is the main road connecting Cairns with the communities of Port Douglas, Mossman as well as other locations further afield once the Captain Cook Highway end and forms into other roads. It is a stunning drive, wedged between pristine mountains and the vast open coral sea. At many stages of the 75 km (46 mile) journey, the road travels directly parallel to the crystal clear coral sea which is barely a stones throw away outside your window! You must visit the Rex lookout while driving on the highway, which is just located on the ocean side of the road, offering great views of the flat sea in front of you and surrounding mountains. If you are driving north and stop at the lookout, you have to cross the road itself to get from the parking area to the lookout, so be aware of traffic! The sealed road can be dangerous in wet weather and consists of many bends and turns, so drive carefully. This is the road we drove on to get to and from Cairns/Port Douglas on our holiday.