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Anushree Kedia Jalan
The first day we were by ourselves and we explored the nearby markets and eateries. We visited the Kuranda Rainforest on our second day of stay. Its lush greenery topped with mild rain made it a beautiful place to be in. It was refreshing to be amidst pure nature. There are a lot of things to do at kuranda. They have a tiny zoo, where we fed kangaroos, a space to practice boomerang throws and a tiny amphi theatre which entertains you with Australian traditions and dances. The kuranda bird sanctuary is fantastic where one can feed all the birds around. They are pretty approachable and friendly. Tiny markets also swarm this area, and you can shop for local produce and articles.An evening walk on the waterfront is something that you don't want to miss, and a dip in the blue lagoon a must! You can spend the night at the only casino that Cairns has to offer. Just don't forget to carry your passport.The third day was my favourite. We spent the day at great barrier reef and my personal recommendation: do not miss an opportunity to scuba dive here if you can. The scenery below is breathtaking and I haven't been able to shake it off my mind even after all these years. For the not so brave hearted, you can try snorkelling. But do enter the water. The flaura and fauna of this place will take your breath away. Also, though a little expensive, if you do plan to scuba dive, do rent your own waterproof camera, which is easily available from the assembly point of the cruise.So go around! Jump in, splash some water and watch the underworld go by!
Taelum W
Kuranda, where the Skyrail cableway and the Scenic Railway either starts or ends, is a rainforest village bursting with relaxed charm, heritage and quite a bit of serenity too. Kuranda features a few markets selling a variety of different things ranging from local art to books and spicy sauces as well as souvenir stores and local art galleries. There are numerous cafes to eat from as well as well as your typical Queensland style Pub near the train station and Skyrail, set in peaceful and lush surroundings. If you are in Kuranda, why not visit some of the numerous wildlife attractions? Unfortunately, we did not get time to go to them.