Redcliffe QLD 1/1 by Tripoto

Redcliffe QLD

Somdutta Sarkar
Finally came one of the most awaited thing in my bucket list – Sky Diving !! The weather needs to be apt for that. Too much windy or cloudy or sunny will get the event cancelled.We reached Redcliffe sky diving academy in the morning. My slot was at 9:00 AM. It depends on you if you want to get your video recorded or just have the experience. I got that recorded ofcourse! First time in life -Sky Diving!! Yippeee :P :)The batches start from 7:00 AM in the morning. The instructions were given before we left for the take off. Can’t describe in words the beauty you behold when you fly above the Coastal regions of Redcliffe region to directly above the Pacific Ocean few miles interior!The coastline with white beaches, the crystal clear water, the sand dunes under the water, the streamlines made by the jetskies – everything all at once, the amazing view!The time came for the dive!!Heart skipped a beat on the first second of the jump. At 14000 ft above the Pacific Ocean , flying like a bird! Wow! Simply an experience of a lifetime :)Within a span of few seconds the parachute was flung open. And glided downwards smoothly. After few more seconds finally landed on the desired beach.