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Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve

Rajpal Singh
Next day early morning we headed for birding in nearby forests following a trail (10 KM) which goes to Sitabani temple. We were warned about wild elephants in area and we saw their droppings here and there. As soon as terrain started we got to see a good avian show, specially the raptors. At starting, it was good show while we were walking along the river, but deep inside the jungle we did not find much, but only hornbill. Reason may be the dense canopy of Sal forest is not allowing sunlight to ground, so less chances for fruit trees and bushes. At places jungle is so dense that we felt afraid of any predators (we saw leopard pugmarks).
The Pawalgarh conservation Reserve, which has become synonym with Tigers, also has a heavenly variety of feathered friends of humans, adventure sports and lovely breathtaking locales. My battered suitcase was piled on the car, the journey was long (7 hours), I was excited as it was my first Safari trip but sleepy, before I could complete my doze, sudden change in the surrounding felt, it was fresh, refreshing and yes pollution free then I realized that we had left crowded city far behind.