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Jebel Jais - United Arab Emirates

Smriti Zalpuri
So, CAMPING - Let's say nature at it's best!To be frank, this would be one of the least expected things to do in Dubai, not in terms of exploring but in terms of your travel duration. There are so many places to see in Dubai that this might end up last in your itinerary.Don't let this happen, puhlz!! I would suggest bring it's number up your list (let's say 3rd; we'll let you know the first and the second, don't worry ;)So to begin, there are a lot of places for over night camping in Dubai. you can check at - the ultimate camping checklist:)So, we headed towards "Jabal Al Jais" which in itself means the tallest mountain; a stunningly beautiful mountains cape with naturally sculpted rocks. We went there not coz other places weren't that great, but coz we couldn't afford to miss the entire ras al khaimah city's view from there ! Mark this guys, THE ENTIRE city's view!:)The temperature there was as low as 10 degrees, and after mid night, it dipped even further. But this did not let us not enjoy our time there; with a lit bonfire, barbecue and drinks keeping us warm, it was a perfect night.You can park your car in there, turn the headlights on, put in some soft music and can enjoy the vast and beautiful sky dimmed with stars. Don't worry , you would find a lot of tents with a lot of tourists; so you'll not be alone anytime.The best part of this camp was not only the view (the late evening sunset and the early morning sunrise, but also some people who we met there and made great friends with.Sometimes in life, more than the place, people matter:) A must learning for everyone.Phew, not getting any more emotional, but you guys reading this post gotta camp at at least one place in Dubai, coz it's worth the experience:)Let us know if anyone of you has already done or planning to do in the future.Share your experiences:)Post in a comment below and share this post if you feel it's worth spreading the word to your other travel enthusiasts!“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill#Vagabond #Camping #Awesomefriends #funnight #travelforliving #livingfortravellingLike our facebook page for more stories