Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
Whether it is a curse or a blessing in disguise, to get the best out of your travel across the United Kingdom, it is best to stay away from mainstream cities here. While Belfast can only be good enough to give you the experience of a new city in a far away country, it is Ballycastle and Portrush that carry the essence of Ireland, its tall cliffs, raging deep blue seas and clear skies.Northern Ireland is relatively small compared to the other three countries and the drive between these three main destinations will not take you any more than 2-3 hours.WHAT TO EAT WHILE IN THE UKSavour as many of their bakery breads as you can. They may not be so fresh in any other part of the world. Fish and chips and Jacket potatoes are the most popular dishes across the UK. They can make the cheapest authentic lunch you could ask for. Finally, if you do have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on delicious desserts like the apple crumble pie with custard.Of course there is much more to see in the United Kingdom. After all, it isn't for nothing that it is a Kingdom and not just a country. But it's good to leave some things for a next time, and just cover these during your first visit. Have faith in the fact that the traveller in you will bring you back here, another time!BEST TIME TO VISIT June to September, unless you want to battle the piercingly cold winds in addition to all the exploring!