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Karishma Shaikh
To end the day we went for a walk around the city and I wasn’t that impressed. God, I know I sound like this ungrateful human and I complain a lot but once you’ve seen what I have, you will surely understand what I mean. The city is admirable but when you get away from it, that’s when you see true Iceland. We went to the Hallgrimskirkja church and made one last stop for the day: The supermarket! Got the things required and left for the hostel to rest.
Devansh Dhar
The next day was my last in Iceland and it was spent exploring Reykjavik on foot. I went to the Hallgrimskirkja church, the Harpa Concert Hall and explored the posh localities on foot. In the evening I once again headed to Seljalandsfoss to catch a last glimpse of Iceland and was surprised to find that the number of cars had nearly tripled! Well, the tourist season was definitely on.
Divya Iyer
11. Transport yourself to AsgardChristianity might be the prevalent religion today, but paganism and Norse Gods are still very much a part of Iceland. Explore Iceland and you’d find hints that take you back to its Viking past. And apparently, they’re coming up with a Norse God temple soon.
sourabh jadhav
Cristina Marques
Standing at 244 feet, this Lutheran church was completed in 1940.