De Smaak van Afrika 1/1 by Tripoto

De Smaak van Afrika

Heather Tucker
When you first walk into De Smaak van Afrika you are hit with three things – the smallness of the place, the wonderful smell from the food and the amazing décor. The restaurant is small, especially in the colder months when the outside area is not in use. But it still manages to fit in a good number of people without feeling like you are sitting on the lap of your unknown neighbour. The décor features painted murals, colourful lights and a wide-range of African ornaments that you might pick up whilst on holiday in Africa. For some it may come across as a bit cheesy but I think it added to the atmosphere. For my meal, I chose from the East African part of the menu, mainly because it comes with the added attraction of getting a ready supply of enjera’s, which according to the menu, are wholemeal pancakes. You can see them in the photo, they are the items on the left. Your meal isn’t served with cutlery, so you rip off a piece of your pancake (using only your right hand) and then you pick up some of your meat and vegetables with the pancake. My dish was called Alicha Dorho and was made up of chicken, potatoes and vegetables. De Smaak van Afrika really was a fun place to visit. The dishes were different, the eating method fun, the environment enjoyable and the food was really tasty. I shall definitely be returning.