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Pukará de Quitor

Alexandra Kovacova
Being a great fan of archaeological sites, I decided to explore Pukara De Quitor. Behind the ruins, the view of the San Pedro river was just stunning, and down the ruins there were the Andes on the horizon. Pukara de Quitor has been a national monument since 1982 located just 3 km Northeast from San Pedro de Atacama. It is situated on the slope of Cordillera de la Sal overlooking San Pedro river. Pukara is from Quechua and means fortress. The name comes from a pre-Hispanic agricultural group Ayllu de Quitor whose fields start at the base of Pucara. It is a pre-Inca construction made on a hill from the hill, i.e. from the stones of the hill. The rocks are connected to the other ones by using mud. Pukara de Quitor ruins look like a fort with defensive walls. It did have defensive and strategic purposes, but it was also inhabited as parts of bedrooms and kitchens were found.