Socaire 1/1 by Tripoto


Alexandra Kovacova
Socaire is the last Eastern Chilean town before Argentina border. It is exactly the place where we can see both big invasions at the same place. First, the Inca one, which is agriculture and cattle, and second, the Spanish one and its catholic church just next to the Inca vegetable and fruit terraces. Socaire is one of the best examples of Atacameña culture (culture of the Atacama people in Atacama desert) of the so called Lican Antay people who changed their traditional nomadic way of life once they settled in Aldea Tulor. These people of the Cunza culture now all speak Spanish language and not the original Cunza one anymore, which was another result of the Spanish invasion. Nowadays there are around 400 people living in Socaire whose main source of work is agriculture and non-metal mining. In the past Socaire used to be an important village because of its gold mines.