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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Shubhangi Jeswal
The beach which is also know as the broad walk beach justifies its name. It is called so because there is an amusement park that spans the length of this beach on the Santa Cruz, California waterfront. It one of the most happenings beaches I have ever been to.I wanted to go to Santa Cruz only because I found out that it is quite famous for its kayaking . But all that was happening there was an icing on the cake. It was a Sunday and there people all over. Some were dancing salsa, some were busy with beach volleyball, kids were just have fun at the rides and what not. But for me the highlight was the kayaking.While we were on our Kayak we could see sea lions so close to us. Initially it was scary because we were completely on our own but as we got comfortable it was one of the best adventures I have had.